Phoenixville Area Transition
Phoenixville Area Transition



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To promote people’s well being through increased mobility without dependence on personal vehicular transport - leading also to positive environmental impact.

The Working Group

Members will meet, electronically and in person, with other community members and in particular local elected officials in order to develop consciousness about safe and efficient non vehicular mobility on all levels - including potential infrastructure projects.


Camphill Soltane, Parzival and other human services agencies. The Borough of Phoenixville, Chester County, PennDot.

Goals for 2019


There are plans to adapt the old railway bridge over Main Street near Riverworks to be a pedestrian overpass integrated into the Schuylkill River Trail. 

In 2019 we would like to find ways to support these plans.


There are plans to repair another bridge in the future which would mean that residents could walk to the Giant Supermarket without crossing any roads. 

In 2019 we would like to find ways to support these plans.


The Borough is planning to install pedestrian crossings with greater lighting on them to make drivers more aware of people crossing the road. 

This should be complete in 2019. We would monitor these changes and see if other changes to crossings can be implemented.


We are interested in the long term think about where in Phoenixville it might also be possible to add pedestrian subways like this one in a nearby township

In 2019 we could look at where anything like this could be remotely possible. 

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