Phoenixville Area Transition
Phoenixville Area Transition

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Phoenixville Area Transition Community

Our Vision


Phoenixville Area Transition was recently recognized as the 166th official Transition Initiative in the USA! We’ve been at this since May, 2018.

Here is the vision we came up with a year ago as we first began to meet:

We envision a local community that is clean, green, fresh-smelling,  and quiet, pedestrian and bike friendly, powered by visible, decentralized, renewable energy, its rivers and air pollution-free.


We foresee lawns and alleys replaced by organic and native gardens providing food and beauty and connecting to the many farms in the area, which supply organic food to local supermarkets.

We notice that there is home and municipal composting of food waste and cooperative tool service for gardening. Surrounding the town are beautiful natural areas that have been re-forested, the rivers clean and usable.

We envision a neighborly, keyless and lockless community of social harmony where everyone is healthy and known to each other and there is a feeling of safety, courtesy, and empathy. 

We notice that the marginalized have been integrated and the hierarchy of needs has been met, social and economic silos have been breached, and there is intergenerational cooperation, networking, and learning.

The Technical High School offers gardening and farming as well as grass-roots community education, accessible to all.

2_Borough Hall Mural.3.jpg

We envision a sharing economy with a strong jobs center, an alternative and possibly a food currency, affordable housing, volunteer opportunities, strong consumer associations, and free internet service to all.  

And running through it all we notice a vibrant, creative emphasis on the arts and culture, integrated into every activity.

This is our vision of Phoenixville Area Transition. Together we can make it happen.