Phoenixville Area Transition
Phoenixville Area Transition


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Phoenixville Area Transition is a movement to expand community resilience to climate impacts by reorienting the local economy and culture to nature and personal relationships. We are transitioning from dependence on fossil fuels and corporations, to interdependence with each other and with nature.

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Introductory Ecological Design Course

10/5, 10/26, 11/16, 12/7 - 1pm-4pm

HEART Community Center - 30 Hall Street, Phoenixville, PA $275 

Learn about landscape design, culture design, community building, and future building in this 12-hour short course developed through years of teaching and observing students’ needs. Lessons will draw from experience designing and maintaining public gardens throughout the region, co-building community projects, teaching permaculture design curriculum, practicing holistic horticulture, and participating in social and environmental justice movements. Some topics covered include the creativity involved in ecosystem design, an overview of permaculture ethics and principles, varieties of edible and medicinal perennial plants that grow well in this climatic zone, interfacing with local government, community organizing, and ways you can prioritize responsible self-care to leave this world a greener, healthier place than you found it. There will be hands-on and lecture-based attributes to this course, and some specific activities may be determined by students once the course starts.

Robyn Mello has lived her whole life in the Philadelphia area, honing her intuition, creativity, and ability to engage with people and planet through permaculture design, ecological education, environmental research, social justice organizing, holistic herbalism, original music performance, event planning, and lots of long walks in the woods. Amongst much other travel and professional experience, she was a Rhodes and Marshall Scholarship Finalist; has years of qualitative research experience in environmental justice and immigrant organizing through The University of Delaware; founded the Philly-based grassroots food forest organization, Occupy Vacant Lots; is former Orchard Director for The Philadelphia Orchard Project, and now runs her own consulting and design business/life project called Edenspore in which she is able to share all of her passions. She has a decade of experience developing original classes for diverse audiences that are geared towards increasing human and ecosystem health.

TO REGISTER: E-mail for registration link and payment info.. Make $200 deposit by 10/1. Remaining balance is due at the start of the first class.

If you are part of Phoenixville Area Transition (PAT), please submit payment to Jane Dugdale (

We recognize that there are many people and groups in this area doing the work of this transition often unbeknownst to one other.   Part of our mission  is to make known and to support all these efforts. Indeed, the movement could be said to be building a society based on local relationships rather than on the global market economy. Phoenixville Area Transition invites all those in the area who share this mission to join together as partners.


Phoenixville Area Transition is inspired by Transition US and the international Transition Network, which grew out of the model Transition Town in Totnes, England, founded in 2005 and based on the principles of permaculture, which advocate transitioning land use and social structures from the current emphasis on domination, extraction, and separation from Nature, to patterning these structures on natural processes, especially localization.

Enjoy these “10 Stories of Transition Towns Around the World”:

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