Phoenixville Area Transition
Phoenixville Area Transition

Sustainable Schools

Sustainable Schools

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The Mission

The Sustainable School Districts Working Group’s missions is to connect individuals and their communities to the resources they need to identify and implement sustainability curriculum, activities, management policies, design guidelines and operational procedures. We seek to educate, advocate and empower the local school districts to adopt sustainable principles in their management, facilities and operations.

The working group

We are building a working group to identify and empower volunteers with technical experts, environmental advocates and community activist who seek to support the transition to sustainable school district facilities and operations. Join us!


Our goals for 2019

The Sustainable School Districts Working Group is working to plan and implement the following initiatives to educate and activate the public, businesses and institutions and local government.

  • Initiate membership and participation in the on-line community of the Green School Alliance.

  • Bench mark all energy, fuel and water for all school district facilities.

  • Incorporate environmental and sustainable curriculum units in all grades.

  • Advocate for the new school planned for the district be a designed and constructed using Passive House design principals and construction methods.

  • Promote all landscaping practices and products be sustainable and nature friendly.

  • Plan for an all-electric transportation system.

  • Plan for carbon free all-electric energy system.


Lisa Longo