Phoenixville Area Transition
Phoenixville Area Transition


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Check it out! Close to downtown Phoenixville, 2nd year event where you can run, walk, roll a wheelchair or push a stroller.

Volunteer to help this collaborative event succeed to raise awareness and support Orion Communities and the Phoenixville Area Time Bank. The University of Valley Forge and Charlestown Township Park will provide the beautiful setting for Neighbors Helping Neighbors Run, Walk, ā€˜nā€™ Roll.

Orion has been a grassroots organization addressing unmet needs for the most vulnerable in our community. This includes individuals and families who are living with the hardships of poverty, illness, or disabilities, to help them move towards a brighter future. The Phoenixville Area Time Bank enables person to person exchanges of talent and time to build a resilient community and support our nonprofit partners like Orion.

Volunteers are Needed

Contact Diana at 847 682 4093 or email