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Mid-Atlantic States Transition Event

Sari Steuber

Event location: Penn State Ag Extension, Smedley Park, Springfield, DelCo

Tue, Aug 28, 1:40 PM (12 days ago)

to Aleisa, me


Hi Jane!


It’s so exciting to read about your phenomenal progress in Transition! I applaud your excellent work in keeping the momentum going and the passion and commitment all of you are demonstrating. I wanted to invite all of you to a couple of things coming up in October. One is a Regional (MAST) event we’re planning for Oct 6 that will take place near my home in Springfield PA (Delco). The other is a “watch party” for the Oct 27 National Online Summit.


The Oct 6 MAST event is what we call an 'advance’ (as opposed to a ‘retreat’). The Mid-Atlantic group used to hold these at a YMCA camp in NJ once or twice a year. Our connection to the camp has dried up and we’ve all been too busy to organize one since then but we’ve been missing them. I contacted the Penn State Ag Extension that has offices in Smedley Park, right across the street from me. They have a classroom building on their site that they offer to non-profits for free when it’s not in use. I managed to reserve it for Saturday, Oct. 6th, for roughly 10am-4pm, but since we’ll be the only ones around that day, we won’t be restricted to those times if we decide to start earlier or stay later. We were also contemplating having dinner that night at Pendle Hill, a nearby Quaker retreat center that serves organic, often locally-grown (sometimes from their own garden) delicious meals with vegan & gluten-free options. Hopefully, we could have time for a little tour of Pendle Hill as well - it’s a fabulous resource with lovely grounds, massive old trees, and an overriding sense of peace and serenity that is quite palpable.


Our plans are still up in the air but I wanted to alert you to this before your Sept 2nd meeting so you could let everyone know and encourage them to attend if they can. The costs should be quite low. Dinner at Pendle Hill is about $14 each and our only other costs would be for lunch, snacks and beverages during the day. If people don’t want to travel to and from home the same day, we can make some accommodations available at people’s houses for that Friday night, Saturday night or both. Personally, I have a guest bedroom with a king-size bed, an attic with a double and a single bed, and an air mattress for anyone not adverse to sleeping in our living room (also a fairly comfortable couch there). Aleisa Myles, another MAST member who lives in Media, can also put a few people up. And we can certainly find more spaces as the need arises.


As far as an agenda, we’re leaving it pretty loose. Our primary goal is to get to know each other, what our focuses are, what our concerns are, what breakthroughs should be celebrated, what obstacles we might want help breaking through. We envision a circle where everyone has unlimited time to speak at their own pace and discretion. If there are themes that arise (as I expect there will be), they can be discussed at length and continued afterwards in emails, in our monthly MAST calls, or in our individual Transition Initiative meetings.


I don’t know what you’ve seen about the Oct 27th National Online Summit yet. Here’s the link to their website to learn more if you like. It’s basically up to 6 hours long but can be structured in any way each local group would like to. There are two 45-minute keynote speeches, one an interview with Rob Hopkins and others, the other by Meg Wheatley, and a couple of panels - all of which will be pre-recorded so that they can be viewed in any order and at any time and discussed locally as each local group would like. There is also a “live” section which will be from 4-5:15pm ET during which each group that attends can check in. There will also be an awards ceremony during that part.


Groups can organize watch parties in their area and pay $120 for their group (individual attendees can pay the group whatever amount the group wants to set). TTM will probably pay the group rate and provide snacks & lunch. We haven’t worked out what we’ll charge individuals yet but it should be comparable to or less than the individual rate TUS is charging. If Phoenixville would like to join us for that as well, we would very much enjoy having you.


Please let your team know about these two opportunities at your Sept 2 meeting and then let me know whether there’s interest in joining us for either the Oct 6 advance or the Oct 27 watch party or both so we can include you in our plans. Let me know if you have questions too.


Hope to see you again soon!



Sari Steuber


Transition Town Media


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