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PATC Planning Meeting

Notes from Planning Meeting for Pxv Transition Community 10/21/18

At Carah Medical Arts, 5-6:30 PM

 Present:  Katie Tandon (note-taker), Jane Dugdale (facilitator), Adrian Bowden, Rodney Platt, Mark Connolly, Megan Connolly, Steve Beebee, Deb Beebee

Absent:  Larsen Kennedy, Rick Rigutto

 The Transition US Online National Summit is airing this Saturday Oct 27 at Jane Dugdale’s house 12 to 6. All are invited to stop in for any part or all of the summit.  (Note: We had a total of eight people stay for part or all of the sessions.  Then apre-Summit, four of us sat around and debriefed until 8:30 PM over good food, wine, and tea. Attending during the day were Jane, Rodney, Katie, Bridgette, Amy, Mitzi, Patrick and Noreen.)

 Adrian’s interest in the Pedestrian Safety Initiative was debated as a useful first ‘signatory’ project for the Transition Community. Issues: Traffic diversion? Push Button Lights?

It was decided a working group for pedestrian safety might contact Beth Burkey to discuss next steps (perhaps we should be behind signs being posted that pedestrians enjoy the right of way!)

A second step would be to look at Green Team’s previous Walkability Survey.

When going to the borough, it is suggested that the Sml Business Ass., the Green Team and other groups can join the push for signage or other ordinances

 “you know you’re in pxvl when” was put forth as a resource for possible forum for our work getting out to the public  -some members on facebook, others not

There is general assent that possible projects can be discussed with the larger group to see where general interest lies in initiatives – planning group can postulate ideas for discussion and pretext possible community resources for projects

 Actual ‘Governance’ of the group is a topic for future meeting, as the ‘core group’ is a Transition recommended group that has yet to be formed or postulated as such.  The next planning group on Dec. 2 will focus on steps to make our Initiative “official”.  (Note:  Sari Steuber, president of Media Time Bank, did a shout out at the Summit to the “soon to be official Phoenixville Transition Community”  when Media TB received an award at the Summit.)

 Discussion of ‘Corporate’ level politics.

For each project It is suggested that we write up 1) Problem being addressed;

2) Solution being proposed; 3) Action steps toward solution. The ‘initiative’ page on the website could be used for this.

 The “University of the Streets” in Montreal was brought up as an ideal forum, wherein issues could be presented and debated in a public forum like cafes. This led to the idea of using the Colonial theater for purposes such as discussion, film and non- profit activity. Then the idea of using the Ideas Bookstore, or the Community Arts Center for a film series (1x a month) especially as offered by the transition town community, or a film and book ‘club’ that could take place once a month was explored.

 Topic areas from (the infamous) Steve’s List will be offered for work group interest at the next full meeting – these areas are: Gardening, Pollution, Transportation, Social equity, Green energy

 A Rudolf Steiner Discussion Group is planned for the Community Arts center for Thursday Nights on Biodynamics, World Economy and other topics

The Film Series was revisited and discussion of re-instituting a TED Talk or TED X series in Pxvl was enthusiastically put forth. These happened through the green team previously, and for others, happened in the past with 3 topics (20 minute talks) that seemed to work well.

Conjecture put forth about Colonial Theater’s interest in hosting such events, or other venues.

 Adrian will bring us information about local currencies as in use in Hawthorne Valley, Berkshires and Ithaca to begin that working group.

 There is agreement that a meeting with the Colonial Theater is pending about these issues

 The idea arose that the Pxvl YMCA might be a player in offering space or marketing for our initiative – a number of us have contacts there

 We began dreaming about a greenhouse for use with the gardening initiatives, and there is an empty one at the old Sears Building on Kimberton Rd, owned by Bill Anderson

 The idea arose whether such a greenhouse in this space might be of interest for programming to the Technical High School, and Joe Fullerton was mentioned with regard to this question

 There’s a multi-use ‘maker’ space in Franklin Commons.  Riverworks has a space also

 Next General Meeting is November 11 4-5:30

Refreshments pot luck before and after.

 There will be invitation to the larger group to join working groups. Also, Will Fuller will present on his agenda for POWER, an Interfaith Organization

 The next planning committee meeting is at the Sol Kitchen where Adrian Promises to cook for us

December 2@ 4pm to 530



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